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Never worry about the fan again

Each and everyone one of RJH Radon Mitigation's installations and products are designed to go the distance. After a period of time, however, things do break down. When that happens, give the experienced RJH Radon Mitigation Inc a call – they are a full-time mitigation company who can often respond on the same day.

Quick response

If the gauge is showing 0 or the fan is making noise, it's time for a replacement. With one phone call, RJH Radon Mitigation can be on-site.


If your fan model's been discontinued, don't worry! RJH Radon Mitigation can provide an equivalent replacement model.

Don't take chances with your home or health. Call RJH Radon Mitigation to protect both.

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RJH Radon Mitigation always

gives a quick turnaround!


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