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Protect your greatest investment

Chances are, your home is the biggest investment you'll make in your life. The last thing you want is that investment to be a hazard to your health! RJH Radon Mitigation can make sure that the naturally occurring Radon in Pennsylvania's soil doesn't pose a risk to you or your family.

You'll never sacrifice appearance

When you call RJH Radon Mitigation, Bob, the owner, will personally and swiftly come to your home to conduct a thorough inspection. This is to determine the best location of your Radon mitigation system – and to determine all the locations it needs to impact. This helps the realtor which in turn avoids conflicts and ambiguity between the seller and the buyer about the location of the installation.

RJH Radon Mitigation's services are your best defense against the radon gas that could be damaging your home and health.

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Always a great deal

RJH Radon Mitigation isn't just a business – it's a business that cares about its community. That's why RJH Radon Mitigation will always go the extra mile, offer a fast response to give you the best deal possible, guaranteed!


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Get estimates usually within a day and installations within a week. Pay at the time or during real estate settlement!